Wild cherry syrup. Gluten free.

Ingredients: sugar, water, wild cherry juice (13%), citric acid, flavorings, color anthocyanins (vegetable juice color). 


Ideal for inviting cocktails and original coffees, Amarena Fabbri is one of Fabbri's flagship products.


Highly versatile in the kitchen, this syrup with its immediately recognizable flavor can be used either as a cooking ingredient or as a delicious garnish to enrich sweets and desserts, on any occasion.


Shake before use.


Size: 1 Liter [35 fl ounces]





Are you gluten-intolerant? Come into the Fabbri world and discover a whole range of gluten free products for a relaxed and carefree lifestyle. You’ll be able to make any recipe you like without sacrificing flavor or imagination.


Halal Italia

Italian design is for everyone. Something to do with Italy’s tradition of hospitality. If you’re a Muslim consumer, you can find lots of halal-certified products from Fabbri. Halal means “permissible” and is synonymous with ethical. Fabbri takes care of people who need guarantees to protect their special dietary requirements, as in the Islamic tradition. Ingredients and production processes are monitored according to the Halal Italia certification body’s strict quality standards.

Amarena [Cherry] Mixybar Syrup

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