A byword for quality and sweetness, use Fabbri Amarena Cherries and syrup as a special ingredient in aperitifs and refined surprise cocktails. Excellent with prosecco for the classic sparkler Amore Mio, very good with vodka for a cherry variant on classic Martini and Cosmopolitan. 


Amarena Fabbri cherries are gluten free, kosher and Halal certified. 


The Flavor Experience

Amarena cherries make a fine accompaniment to a wide range of foods. They can pose the perfect counterpoint to any savory or salty component - think duck prosciutto, goat cheese, Jamon Serrano, pistachio—and have just enough acidity to cut through the fat with sweetness to counter the salt.


They are perfect for pastries, cakes, cookies, cheesecake, donuts, and cocktails.


The Story

For over a hundred years, Amarena cherries have been made by the Fabbri family using Gennaro's well guarded original recipe. Amarena Cherries are made by blending Prunus Avium, the wild cherry with the sour cherry, a variety of Prunus Cesarus, known for its tart and slightly bitter flavor. They are native to Bologna and are mixed after harvesting before being aged in a mix of water, sugar and citric acid.


Fabbri is a family owed, Italian company founded in Bologna, Italy in 1905.  Gennaro Fabbri and his wife Rachele handpicked these wild black cheerirs that are a dark red variety with a flavor burst that's both sweet and tart.  These decadent, delicious and intensely flavorful, amarena fabbri cheeries are crafted today using the same family recipe develpoed over a 100 years ago. 





Lactose intolerance is now a rather widespread phenomenon, and it can be hard to find foodstuffs to meet the needs of sufferers. Fabbri 1905 is fully committed to the research and development of new products: discover our range of lactose-free products.


Fabbri - Amarena Cherries - Opaline

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